Welcome to Camiel's Philips P800 Minicomputers Wiki

In May 2012 I acquired a number of Philips P800 series minicomputers and spare parts. This Wiki is an attempt to gather all the information I can about them.



Theo Engel's website on the P800.

Philips PTS 68xx series minicomputers

pts workstation.jpg
Typical Front-Office Workstation

This Wiki also contains information on the Philips PTS 68xx series minicomputers. This was a Terminal System used heavily in banks, airlines, etc. for Data Entry and subsequent communication with central mainframes.

Other applications I know of, are Communication Concentrators (e.g. 8 lines in, 1 out), validation of annual tax statements and Remote Job Entry (reading punched cards, transmission to a mainframe, print of returned data).

In Denmark, the system was used for
- local authorities (data entry, collect tax, welfare cheques, budget, .....)
- health authority (data entry, concentrator)
- National Railways (seat/car reservation)
- PTT (budgetary functions)

I have collected some pictures; the work is still ongoing, and when finished, new pictures will be added.

The data contained in this Wiki originates from Philips Data Systems in Denmark. The maintainer of the data is Nico de Jong, nico@farumdata.dk

Some manuals have their names between ( ). This means, that the manuals exist, but that I have not found them yet, so if you should happen to have access to them, I would be happy to scan them.

PTS Manuals:


When support for PTS ended around 1988, Dansk Data Historisk Forening received the hardware. We are now busy reviving two PTS systems : a development system and a system used by local authorities. Furthermore, we have a nice stack of spare parts, especially controllers, but especially keyboards are in short supply. We also need Selector Units. So, if you have keyboards like 6231 or 6234 we would be happy to swap them for some of our other parts. What we need most, are X1216/6876 hard discs (5.4 MB). Not the cartridges, but the housings + fixed disk.