• PD3B_4355

SGI Indy


Manufacturer: SGI
CPU Architecture:MIPS
Available OS: SGI IRIX
Dimensions (WxHxD):41 x 8 x 36cm
CPU:133MHz QED R4600
Memory:256MB (max. 256MB)
Graphics:XL8 (x-bit, 1280x1024)
Condition:Fully operational
Acquired from:Sander Reiche
  • D3B_4357
  • XD3B_4351

The Indy was Silicon Graphic's attempt to capture a portion of the low-end CAD and multi-media market. It packs a decent amount of power (though quite modest for an SGI machine) in a small desktop chassis.

It was the first machine that came with a camera that could sit on top of the monitor, and it has inputs for Composite and S-Video.