After the Arrival of the Convex SPP's, and after reading most of the hardware documentation that came with the systems, I worked mainly on the Convex Exemplar SPP-1600/XA for a couple of weekends.

A while ago, I received a copy of the schematics for the Convex C1 Supercomputer. It took me a while to scan them all, but now that that's done, I've made them available on the Convex Documentation page.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was using the Convex to debug the SMD disk emulator, the Convex started failing in its memory initialization. During my attempts to debug this new failure, there was a fairly loud bang, as one of the smoothing capacitors in one of the LH Research Super Mite power supplies exploded. I immediately hit one of the emergency power-off buttons I have installed in my lab, fearing what damage to the cpu the power supply failure might have done.

After the Convex C240 Arrived, and the I/O cabinets and spare parts along with it, it was time to continue work on the Convex C220 after the Initial Convex C220 Checkout.

Before I can install an OS on the Convex C1 XP, three things need to happen: I need to obtain an installation tape, I need to get the tapedrive working, and I need to finish the emulated disk (Eagle Emulator). This weekend, it was time to work on the tapedrive.