A while ago, I received a copy of the schematics for the Convex C1 Supercomputer. It took me a while to scan them all, but now that that's done, I've made them available on the Convex Documentation page.

After the Convex C240 Arrived, and the I/O cabinets and spare parts along with it, it was time to continue work on the Convex C220 after the Initial Convex C220 Checkout.

Before I can install an OS on the Convex C1 XP, three things need to happen: I need to obtain an installation tape, I need to get the tapedrive working, and I need to finish the emulated disk (Eagle Emulator). This weekend, it was time to work on the tapedrive.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was using the Convex to debug the SMD disk emulator, the Convex started failing in its memory initialization. During my attempts to debug this new failure, there was a fairly loud bang, as one of the smoothing capacitors in one of the LH Research Super Mite power supplies exploded. I immediately hit one of the emergency power-off buttons I have installed in my lab, fearing what damage to the cpu the power supply failure might have done.

So, now that we got SPU UNIX up and running on the service processor unit (see Convex C1 XP Service Processor power-on), it's time to do something with it.

The purpose of SPU UNIX is to serve as an environment to initialize the system (load microcode onto the job processor, or main CPU; initialize memory), as well as diagnose the hardware. Wil a lot of help from ex-Convex employees (a special thanks goes to Doug Hosking), I learned a lot about what can be done in this environment.