On Friday, the 11th of May 2018, my friend Andreas drove over from eastern Germany to deliver some Convex SPP supercomputers for the Convex Computer Collection. 

When I got to my office in the US yesterday, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me. The generous donor of the Convex C1 XP had found another box of tapes he once used with the machine. He did not recall what was on these tapes, but had them sent to my office.

After the Arrival of the Convex C220, I took some time over the course of a few days to figure out exactly what I got, and run some diagnostics. Even though none of the peripherals are here yet (they’ll arrive in a few weeks, along with the Convex C240), there are plenty of things I can do before then.

Last Tuesday, Andreas, a friend from Germany, arrived to deliver the Convex C240. Along with the C240 came all the I/O cabinets and devices for the Convex C220, as well as a lot of spare parts (boards, PSU's, drives).


About a week ago, the Convex C220 arrived, this is the first part of the Convex C2 Shipment (the Convex C240 will follow three weeks from now). This first shipment consisted of the C220 cpu cabinet, a couple of empty cabinets, some spare parts, some software tapes, and a lot of documentation.